Tyre Shaving

Tyre Shaving

Racing and running a lot of successful cars in a lot of different championships over the past 15 years Matt has realised the benefits of a good racing tyre. We have spent a lot of money and effort into developing our own tyre shaving process to make sure that our customers have the best set of cut tyres possible whether it be short or long circuit racing, your raceccar set up is not complete without a set of MRR cut tyres.

Matt Roach Racing is able shave you a tyre to your required depth, whether it be straight or shaved to a camber of your choice to suit your set up.

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Tyre shaving is a process used to cut the tread from a tyre providing a more stable tread base which will increase the performance of the tyre on track. Originally tyres were buffed to reduce the tread depth but this process introduced an unwanted heat build up in the tyre carcass, so instead we now cut the tyre, preventing heat build up and ensuring there is no compromise on the tyres performance. Reducing the depth of the tread in this way alleviates the tread block from ‘squirming’ under heavy cornering, giving better grip and feedback in dry conditions.

The Matt Roach Racing tyre bay.

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New Legends tyres cut and wrapped awaiting the 2016 season and Part worn Cut Legend tyres in stock (subject to availability)                                                               


Please feel free to contact us and speak to a member of our team to discuss your race tyres.

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