Circuit Racing

Matt Roach Racing specialises in preparing race cars to a very high standard. We can prepare your circuit racer for a one-off event or a full season’s racing. We also offer a service allowing you to arrive and drive, taking the stress out of your day, leaving you to enjoy your racing. All levels of circuit car preparation are undertaken from an oil and filter change to a complete out of season revamp. Race damage is also repaired no matter how big or small.


Oval Racing

Matt Roach Racing also specialises in preparing and building oval racing cars. We can supply you with anything from an inner-tube to a complete race car, all built and designed by us. We can also sort out your current race car, whether it be handling issues, weight problems. Maybe you have a car that has been parked-up for a few years and you would like it race ready again. Race damage can be repaired no matter how big or small.  031

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Suspension Tuning

Matt Roach Racing can carry out all suspension work from spring poundage testing to complete car set-ups for any car, whether it be a track day car or a full-blown British GT car?

All work is carried out with state-of-the-art scales and geometry equipment. Four wheel alignment is now also available, helping you get the most out of your car’s suspension and tyres. We also offer trackside support to help you get your car suited to the circuit you are to race on.



Matt Roach Racing can design and fabricate almost anything for your race car, replicate and replace existing or damaged race car parts. With vast experience of working within the rules and regulations of many given formulae, we will ensure our work is carried-out within the permitted specifications.

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Track Days

Matt Roach Racing can help you with your track day car, whether it be tyre advice, fitting polybushes, or a full suspension set-up.


Trackside Support

me brandsMatt Roach Racing offers a full back-up service for all our customers old and new. We can run your car for a days testing or a weekends racing. This will have to be booked in advance.



Matt Roach Racing stocks various items for you race car, with stock is growing weekly. From oil to suspension springs.