Legends Racing Services


Legends Racing Services

Matt Roach Racing can provide you with everything you need to win Legends races and be competive at the top level of legends racing on any race circuit in Europe.


MRR offers a full Legends race car lease programs. We provide everything from the car, team, equipment, and top of the range fully equipped race car transportation service, so when you arrive at the circuit everything is professional. The lease program takes the added stress of maintaining your own racecar and hiring personnel to man the tools, so you can concentrate on your driving.

matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 463matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 204

Russell Adam chose  an MRR Legends race car Lease program for his 2015 Rookie season in legends, here he is after his Feature Final Victory on his first visit to Foxhall Stadium with his MRR Leased and run Legend.



MRR also runs a complete race support package for your own Legends race car.Your car will be housed and race prepared at our fully equipped workshops located in Rayleigh Essex. You can collect your car yourself or we can transport your car to and from the circuit for your own team to look after on race day or the MRR team can look after you and your car. Whatever option you decide to choose the MRR team will always be on hand with help and advice.

matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 874

The MRR Legends Racing team at Lochlelly raceway for the 2015 European and Scottish Championships.

matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 1117Lorry loaded ready for another weekend of Successful Legends Racing

Matt takes his set up work very serious and uses a professionally screeded level floor to make sure your set up is as accurate as humanly possible. Using our flat floor gives us the edge when it comes to being 100% accurate in providing you a race winning set up.

Sean euro1matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 1088

MRR driver Sean Smith winner of the 2015 European Championship in his MRR prepared and set up Legends Race car. (Sean’s Cars are prepared and run by the MRR team)



Staggy european 034

Legends Racer, MRR team member and part time MRR Race engineer Richard Stagg posing with his 2nd place European Championship trophy next to his MRR built, prepared and set up legends Race car.

matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 509

Sean Smith with the Sussex Championship trophy and 2 heat wins and a very pleased Matt Roach.


matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 810

matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 804matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 661

connor donnington IMG_1524

Legends racer Connor Mills is in his Rookie season in the National Legends. At the halfway point of his season Connor decided to bring his car to Matt Roach Racing to have the chassis jigged and a full suspension set up carried out. Since using a  MRR setup Connor has been present on the podium at every meeting whether it be wet or dry, proving that MRR are becoming one of the top teams for Legend set up and preparation in the UK. 



MRR specialises in a full rebuild service for Legend race cars. Chassis’s are stripped jigged, shotblasted and powdercoated ( in a colour of your choice). Every component on the car is inspected and measured to make sure it meets the MRR team’s high standards before the assembly process takes place. We take a lot pride in our cars making sure that each individuals car is prepared to the highest standards possible and suits each individual customers requirements.


Busy times in the MRR fabrication shop, Chassis’s awaiting to go on the jig.

iphone 4s 506

Chassis’s back from powdercoating








Showing our level of preparation.



Some of the 2015 MRR cars back in the workshop from the NEC Autosport show with the best presented trophy.





Tyre Shaving

Racing and running a lot of successful cars in a lot of different championships over the past 15 years Matt has realised the benefits of a good racing tyre. We have spent a lot of money and effort into developing our own tyre shaving process to make sure that our customers have the best set of cut tyres possible whether it be short or long circuit Legend racing, your legend car set up is not complete without a set of MRR cut tyres.

The Matt Roach Racing Tyre bay.

012 009


New cut Legends racing tyres sit wrapped up on the tyre rack awaiting the 2016 Season, along with some part worn cuts tyres ( these are subject to availability ). 

You can pre order your tyres for delivery at a circuit, we will also be stocking a few sets of cut tyres on the transporters at all Oval and National Legends events throughout 2016.

Please feel free to contact Matt or another member of the MRR team to discuss your requirements.

Matt Roach Racing race winning Legends for any circuit in the United Kingdom.


  • Pre event preparation,
  • Full suspension and chassis geometry checks and set up.
  • Vehicle transportation,
  • Full trackside support,
  • Legend car lease programs,
  • Chassis repairs,
  • Front and rear clip replacments,
  • Chassis’s shot blasted.
  • Chassis’s Powder coated,
  • Crash damage repaired,
  • Camber and straight cut tyre cutting,
  • Axle jigging, retubing and bracketting.
  • Diffs rebuilt.
  • Bumper repairs and retabbing.
  • Paintwork.
  • Vehicle livery and vehicle wrapping.

009 matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 748132       One of Matt’s own Legends on the chassis Jig having new front and rear clips.  


Sean Smiths Multi Championship winning Sedan on the Chassis Jig, having new front and rear clips before a complete rebuild by the MRR team.

matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 419Matt and Sean Smith after a successful day at Yarmouth Stadium taking both heat wins and a 1st and 2nd in the Feature final.

Tony Smith,s Sedan Powdercoated white and having a full new nut bolt and component rebuild after new front and rear clips and full chassis jig.

matts iphone 2015 september. 5S 827








Brand new Legends chassis delivered from 600 Racing sits on the chassis jig having some Matt Roach Racing tweaks before it goes of to be powdercoated and assembled by the Matt Roach Racing team in readiness for the 2016 National Legends season. 


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