About Us

Matt Roach established his business Matt Roach Racing after a successful motor racing career in which he won several championships. Drawing on his personal experience, he has been able to turn an enjoyable hobby into a successful career.

Matt Roach Racing specialise in all forms of race car preparation and fabrication, from Circuit Cars, Autograss, Oval Racing, Track Days, Drift Cars and Modified Road Cars. We can supply a complete “on the button” race car as well as everything from a roll cage to a wheel nut.

In our fully-equipped workshops based in Rayleigh, Essex, we are a dedicated team who continually work to the highest standard. Our aim at Matt Roach Racing is to continue providing good working relationships with our customers and producing more high quality, championship-winning cars.

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The Team

Matt is the man behind the name at Matt Roach Racing, but he will be the first to tell you that Matt Roach Racing is one big team effort.

Me Lochlelly

Alan Roach

Alan or Matt’s Dad as he is more commonly known, spent his working years as a test engineer at the Ford Motor company’s, Dunton Research and Development centre. After retiring some 10 years ago Alan now helps out with Matt and is one of the team that is responsible for all the fantastic roll cage and fabrication designs that materialise from the Matt Roach Racing Fabrication workshops. Alan is also a major part of the race team helping out with preparing and the running of the many different race cars that we look after in the workshops and at the circuits. 

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Freddie Lee

Freddie is the youngest member of the team, He has been working at Matt Roach Racing since leaving school in 2014, and has become a very valid member of the team he has been able to adapt and learn skills that enables him to work in all different aspects of the company. Freddie also races the 51 Pick Up Truck that is prepared and run by the Matt Roach Racing Team.

Fred Rockingham

Dave Williams

Dave or Codger as he is known and commonly referred to by most, Has been part of the Matt Roach Racing team since it all started in the MiniCross days as far back  1998 travelling length and breath of the country helping Matt and Alan with their racing. Codger has stuck by Matt and the team and can now been found most afternoons at the workshops helping clean up, keeping everyone fed and watered and more importantly making the whole team and whomever is there that day Laugh. 

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Mike Thomas

Mike ( what ever you do don’t call him Mick) is the newest member of the the Matt Roach Racing team. Mike joined us at the beginning of 2015, he was working for himself building top level pro street dragsters and many unique one of projects, but with Matt Roach Racing expanding rapidly the company was in need of a skilled fabricator and race car technician. After several meetings Mike agreed to have a trial working with the team and is now a full time member of the Matt Roach Racing team.

Mike mainly works along side Alan in the fabrication workshop where together they are responsible for all the fabrication and roll cage work that is carried out in the fabrication shop. He is also able to adapt his skills to work in the main race car workshop preparing the many different race cars the team looks after when his skills are required.


Duncan Stone

Duncan works as a workshop foreman for BT Fleet during the week as his full time career, but at weekends and in the evenings Duncan is a vital part of the Matt Roach Racing Team. Duncan helps prepare the many different race cars that the team looks after, as well as driving the teams transporter and vans, He also doubles up as Freddie Lee’s Spotter at some events and this year (2016) he will be running the trackside support for the Oval Track Legends cars along side Alan ( Matt’s Dad ) when the Pick Up Truck / National Legends events have a clash of dates.


We have a large number of people that give up their time to come help us out at the weekends and we are very grateful to each and everyone of them for their continued support.


Our Premises

The Matt Roach Racing workshops are located in Rayleigh, Essex on Lubards Business park. The Company has two workshops which helps with the wide variety of work that the team Carry’s out on a daily basis. 

Main Workshop

The main workshop is where all the new or revamped chassis’s/bodyshell’s come from paint or powdercoated to be assembled and ready for Racing. It also where Matt Roach Racing carries out all their suspension geometry and cornerweight adjustments on the new builds or customer cars that arrive solely for a suspension set up.

Matt Roach Racing also prepares and sets up the many different variety of race cars that we are responsible for running from this workshop. 

Fabrication workshop

The fabrication shop is where all the messy work is Carried out, roll cages installed, roll cages designed fabricated and fitted, chassis,s repaired, chassis,s built, body shells modified, anything related to Race car fabrication is carried out in here by the Matt Roach Racing team.